How To STOP Feeling Lonely In As Little As 4 Weeks…even if you tried everything else and failed!

(This Works Even If You DON’T Know How To Handle Your EMOTIONS In A Healthy Manner!)

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    Monica Obando

    Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist

    That’s me!
    Hi! I’m Monica Obando

    I’ve had run a successful Hypnotherapy and Wellness practice for over 5 years where I have helped hundreds of people “like you” to successfully live a happily inspired life. I can teach you how to manage your emotions and raise your self-esteem. You are not alone.

    With my unique perspective on modern life I can help you find the solutions to your spiritual, emotional, and environmental needs for our present world. Sometimes it’s complicated I know, but that is why I am here, because I truly believe your Wellness comes first. I am here to help you better understand the world around you! ❤️



    Ready to End The Feeling Of Disconnection Even In A Room Full Of People And Experience A Complete Life Makeover?

    🤍An Amazing Supporting Community:

    It’s well known that the benefits of a support group are amazingly comforting, especially for the opportunity to offer and receive emotional and moral support among the members. We will have the opportunity to share practical advice and tips to help each other cope with our personal life, feeling less lonely, isolated or judged, making it a total positive and vibrant group!

    🤍One Monthly Community Q&A:

    I will invite two members of our club to share their emotional experiences and how to solve their situation. The dates will be announced in advance and you will have the opportunity to ask questions (you can revisit the videos at any time).

    🤍The Happily Inspired Workbook:

    I will be giving you a monthly workbook with exercises, practical information and tips to experience joy, peace, passion, and excitement.

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