Afraid to Open Up Yet You Really Need Help?

Are you frustrated with all the conflicts in your life? Do you find yourself procrastinating, or perhaps feeling unhappy with your current life situation?
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Amidst Coronavirus I Offer Online Therapy

If you are self-isolating or emotionally struggling amidst the coronavirus outbreak, you can easily access my hypnosis therapy session with the click of a mouse. It’s simple and strictly confidential from the comfort of your own home

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    Monica Obando

    Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist

    So… Who’s Monica?

    That’s me! Hi! I’m Monica Obando.

    I’ve had run a successful Hypnotherapy and Wellness practice for over 5 years where I have helped hundreds of people “like you” to successfully live a happily inspired life. I can teach you how to manage your emotions and raise your self-esteem. You are not alone.

    With my unique perspective on modern life I can help you find the solutions to your spiritual, emotional, and environmental needs for our present world. Sometimes it’s complicated I know, but that is why I am here, because I truly believe your Wellness comes first. I am here to help you better understand the world around you! ❤️

    During your Complimentary Discovery Call we will work together to:

    ❤️Uncover hidden experiences that may be sabotaging your success in life .

    ❤️Have you leave the session renewed, reenergized and inspired to take consistent action in your life so you can have the success you’ve always wanted.

    ❤️At the end of the experience we’ll discuss the possibility to work with me in one of my limited long-term program spots